Sable Interiors Limited Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully prior to placing your order with Sable Interiors Limited. Please read these in conjunction with our Disclaimer: Clients and Contractors. We accept your order on the basis that you have read, fully understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. If you require further clarification of any details therein, please speak to one of our staff on 020 8398 9777 or email:


Our free quotation will be prepared based upon communications between yourself and the interior designer and is valid for one month from the date of issue. Please ensure that you agree with the quote in full as this will act as your order confirmation/deposit invoice. Please check that all details are correct and notify us of any errors immediately.

Please note images are for illustrative purposes only and not necessarily in model, colour or finish shown.

Changes and Variations

In the event that any changes or variations to the initial quotation are made then the following procedure must be adopted:

  • Please notify us in writing (or email) if you require any changes within 3 working days’ of our quote being sent/emailed to you. We will use all reasonable endeavours to accommodate these. If we cannot, the original will be adhered to. Any changes or variations instructed directly to any contractor or supplier will fall outside of the contract.

  • We will notify you of the costings for any changes or variations. No additional work which increases the cost of the quotation will be undertaken until payment has been made pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.

 Other Fees

We reserve the right to charge for design fees, project co-ordination fees, delivery charges, installation fees and storage fees. Storage fees may be charged if the client delays their project and it is necessary for Sable Interiors Limited to store the goods beyond the original agreed date.  

Acceptance of Quote and Order Confirmation/Deposit Invoice

Although every effort is made by us to ensure recommended components are suitable, it is your responsibility to check with us that all details of your order are in accordance with your requirements. We do not accept returns of any description due to customer measurement error.

Your acceptance will be confirmed by payment of the deposit invoice. Payment in full is required prior to placing the order for your goods. Once the deposit has been paid and the goods ordered no cancellations will be accepted and the balance will remain due.

Payment Terms

A 50% deposit will be required upon placing the order. Final settlement of the balance is due prior to delivery and required within 7 days from the date of the invoice regardless of whether you instruct to delay delivery of the goods of the same. If settlement does not take place within this time we reserve the right to charge an interest fee at the rate of 8% plus the Bank of England base rate. In the event that a change, variation or delay has been made pursuant to the clauses above, payment must be made within 7 days of issue of the invoice in this regard. Any amounts paid are non-refundable under any circumstances. On large orders/projects we will issue invoices for interim/stage payments.

Retention of Title

Ownership of any goods shall not pass to you until these goods have been paid for in full.


Every effort will be made to deliver your goods on time. However, under no circumstances will refunds be given if delays beyond our control are incurred.

Please ensure that all access information e.g. gate codes, alarm codes, door codes etc. is given to us prior to delivery and that access is clear and safe for delivery. Any defects, damages or shortfalls must be reported to Sable Interiors Limited immediately at the time of delivery. After this period we will not be held responsible for any damaged or unsatisfactory goods. On delivery you will be required to sign acceptance of receipt of such. We require 24 working hours’ notice if you would like to rearrange a delivery. We may charge a cancellation fee if we are not given this notice or for a failed delivery on an agreed delivery date if you unavailable to accept goods.


Once goods arrive at our storage location they will be made ready for collection or delivered on a mutually convenient date, within a 2 week period and once payment has been received. If you are unable to take delivery for any reason within this two week period then we reserve the right to charge storage fees. Sable Interiors Limited does not accept liability for insurance after the initial 2 week period.

Specification and Colour

All images shown on our website and brochure are for guidance only and exact shades of wood, fabrics and other natural products cannot be guaranteed. Wood is a natural product and therefore slight movement and variation in colour and grain can occur. Samples should be regarded as approximate representation only. If you have any questions relating to any products being used or characteristics, please raise this with the interior designer.

All fabrics are susceptible to fading if exposed to strong or natural light for prolonged periods. Silk, by its nature, is particularly susceptible and will fade if exposed to strong direct natural or artificial light for prolonged periods and therefore light proof linings should be requested. We are unable to accept liability for fading. Where fabrics are subject to variations in atmospheric conditions, shrinkage and/or dropping may occur in situ and for which we accept no responsibility. It is the nature of silk/linen to have slubs and irregularities to appear randomly throughout and is the intended look, not a defect.


Sable Interiors Limited reserves the right to revise their prices at any time without notice. If a product is listed at the incorrect price due to a printing or typographical error we have the right to refuse orders placed prior to contract.


We are happy to advise on approximate quantities for products such as wallpaper, paint, tiles, fabrics etc., however, it is deemed the full responsibility of the contractor with whom you are engaging to confirm exact requirements to us in order to fulfil works. We cannot be held responsible for under/over ordering and if goods are over ordered they cannot be returned.

Suggested Fitters/Installers/Contractors

Costs with any of the above trades where they are contracting with you directly are payable in accordance with those agreed between you and the contractor. They will provide you with an independent quotation for the supply and fitting and subsequently contract directly with you to execute it. This is standard practice and they are also solely responsible for their work. Any issues arising from this work should be raised directly with the contractor.


Please contact our Senior Project Manager if you have any issues or complaints immediately if they arise.

Dispute Resolution

The Law of England and Wales is the applicable law. If either party requires that any dispute or difference shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with this agreement then the requiring party shall give notice to the other to such effect and the dispute or difference is to the referred to arbitration in accordance with this agreement. The final decision of a person to be agreed between the parties or failing agreement within fourteen days of the date on which the Notice of served, a person appointed by the BIID or a responsible officer on the application of either party.

Exclusion Liability

Sable Interiors Limited excludes all liability and responsibility for any uninsured loss or damage that may result to you or a third party in connection with the supply and installation of goods.

Use of Information

All scheme designs generated by us remain the property of Sable Interiors Limited. By allowing Sable Interiors Limited to photograph its project at your property/project location you agree to allow Sable Interiors Limited to use the photographic image for promotional purposes. Client testimonials’ may be used by Sable Interiors Limited for promotional purposes.

Data Protection

Sable Interiors Limited complies with The Data Protection Act and GDPR and requires that all suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors that it works with do also.